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By Finlay May Harris.

Chocolate is well and truly on the brain. Only the most strong-willed person can get through the supermarket checkout without throwing in some eggs of the Crème or marshmallow variety. Darn marketing!

However, mainstream Easter candy is loaded with sugar, preservatives and excessive packaging that sticks around on the planet for much longer than the guilt-ridden contents inside.

So, to help you watch your waste and waistline this Easter, here are some less traditional but arguably more luxurious treats.

Honor Cocoa and Vanilla Organic Coffee Scrub – $25.90
If you’re struggling with acne, eczema, stretch marks or dryness, this handmade, organic exfoliator will help you scrub up nice this Easter. Based in the Bay of Plenty, Honor is committed to making sure our main girl Mother Nature benefits from their products too. Their coffee scrubs are 100% natural so when you wash it down the shower drain, you can feel at ease knowing that no sea life will be harmed.

Trade Aid & Serious Food Co Dark Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn -$4
You won’t find chocolate eggs in Trade Aid stores this Easter, instead look out for the bag with a bunny! In collaboration with Serious Food Co, Trade Aid has lovingly married their fair trade cocoa with organic corn grown in sunny Hawke’s Bay. The result is New Zealand’s first ever chocolate popcorn. The mission at Serious Food Co is to make snack foods that are good for your body and the planet, so you can snack happy knowing no nasties went into this hand popped, guilt free Easter treat.

Studio Milk Salted Caramel Soy Candle – $15 – $28

Studio Milk’s handmade candles are made from natural soy wax, a renewable and vegan friendly resource, and the ethical and sustainable business uses only recyclable jars and packaging. Set the mood in your home this Easter with the ambrosial salted caramel candle. It’s sweet, salty, buttery, sugary, but 100% guilt free. After all, about 80% of what we believe to be taste is actually smell. So, trick your senses and indulge!

Dancing Sands Sacred Spring Chocolate Gin
$79.95 (Moore Wilsons)
What’s a long weekend without a celebratory drink, or two? Dancing Sands is on a mission to make New Zealand famous for gin. They create, bottle and label everything by hand from their distillery in Takaka, Golden Bay. Dancing Sands teamed up with Wellington infusion bar, C.G.R Merchant & Co to produce a full-bodied gin with notes of juniper, red tea and dark chocolate. It’s a great addition to a cocktail, or try it with ginger ale and a twist of orange.

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