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Marie Kondon’t

Is Elizabeth Bradley the Kiwi Marie Kondo?


‘I’m kind of the opposite of Marie Kondo within our profession. She’s a proponent of emotional decluttering and precise folding of clothing. You can see her in action on Netflix with all her black rubbish bags. My method is all about sensitive but practical, sustainable decluttering and sensible customised organising systems,’ says Liz.

The Auckland based ex-librarian runs a business called The Tidy Lady which helps to bring people ‘freedom from clutter’. 

Liz says she wants people to be happier in their home through supportive coaching, de-cluttering and home organisation, and promises non-judgemental, positive, practical help.

Quick fire questions:

Describe your style in five words…

Non-judgemental, kind, practical, supportive, sensitive.

Biggest mistake people make in setting up their homes is…

Storage that just doesn’t work! It’s important to take your family’s habits into consideration, and make sure the storage you have is practical and easy to use.

Favourite home/interior trend for 2019?


Least favourite trend from the past 10 years?

Dark colours, I love the light.

Favourite room to de-clutter and why?

The Kitchen – It’s the busiest room in the house, full of so many useful and unused things. Transforming it makes the cook and keeper of the house so much happier.

Biggest mistake people make in de-cluttering their homes is…

Not taking clutter out of the house as soon as possible. If it’s still in your house, it’s still clutter!

Your favourite item in your home is…

My coffee maker

The one item missing from your home is…

A bath.

What was the last thing you bought?

 A probiotic home spray.

What would you never be caught with in your home?


Liz’s top tips & tricks:

  • Divide and conquer!

If you’re overwhelmed with a space you want to de-clutter break it up into smaller spaces. Just tackle one shelf, one corner of a room or one category, like scarves or cutlery.

  • Label everything!

It helps you remember what’s in there and it helps family members know where to put things back and where to find things, so they don’t have keep asking you!

  • It’s ok to not be perfect!

A basket that holds all the shoes is better than a fancy rack that no-one uses. Make it easy to get organised and stay that way instead of struggling to keep clutter under control.

Liz loves:

Sustainable storage

It can be used for more than just preserving. Breakfasts, soups, leftovers, small dry goods like nuts and seeds. They’re stackable and you can see what’s in it. via Shut The Front Door.

A gorgeous gathering basket

Keep it in your living area and use it to gather and transport all the daily clutter odds and ends that need to be put back where they belong. Via Trade Aid.

Anything multipurpose

Look after it well and it will mean far fewer tools to lug around, especially on quick garden maintenance trips. Via Tea Pea.

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