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Craig Beardsworth crunches the numbers for Mother’s Day.

Growing up, the yearly dispute in my family went something like this –
Me or a sibling (indignantly) ‘What about children’s day?’
My mother (rolling her eyes so dramatically it was audible) ‘Every day is children’s day.’
How right she was. Let’s raise a glass to our mothers (and give her the bottle).

Keep on mumming

61,038 new mothers in New Zealand in 2015

59,430 new mothers in New Zealand in 2016

1.87 – our national fertility rate per woman

2.02 – our national fertility rate from 1980 – 2015….so we’re not replacing ourselves anymore.

Older and bolder

28 – average age of mother giving birth to first child

32 – average age of mother giving birth to second child

2001 – this statistic has remained steady for 17 years in New Zealand

Workin’ 9 to 5, what a….joke

98 – number of hours a full time working mother works.* according to a study of 2000 American mothers

This assumes a 40 – 50 hour job including commute.

That’s another 48 hours grocery shopping, washing cleaning, cooking, helping with home work and other sundry tasks.  

201,804 – number of single parent families at the 2013 New Zealand census (here’s to the single fathers included in this figure too).

Where did Mother’s Day come from?

1908 – the year American Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother Ann who’d died three years earlier. Ann was a peace activist and had cared for soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War.

16th Century – Mothering Sunday was observed in Europe in the Catholic and Protestant churches. People would return to their mother church where they’d been baptised. It turned into a holiday where people would visit their mother, and eventually became a public holiday.

2nd Sunday of May – now the official day to celebrate Mother’s Day. In Britain it is the fourth Sunday of Lent. But who cares about dates – buy that woman something nice and tell her she rocks.

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