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Your appetite for style

By Megan Blenkarne – Mode & Methodology

I’m a big believer in the notion of personal style, and the idea has certainly become a ubiquitous term in fashion. 

A quick Google search reveals hundreds of thousands of pages exhorting people – mostly women – to harness their personal style.  You would be forgiven for thinking that developing your personal style was the surest way to achieve career, romantic and creative success.  But going down this rabbit hole will get you nowhere.

You will not be asked to define your personal style in 50 words or less.  But just in case you are – here’s the truth of personal style.

Your personal style is innate.  It is your appetite for style, and just like your appetite for food, you already know what you like and dislike.  Just as you sometimes don’t know what you want for dinner, sometimes you don’t know what you want to wear.  That’s not a crisis of style – that’s a fleeting lack of appetite.  You’ll benefit from trying new things, introducing olive to your life as both a delicious taste and a fun colour combination with bright red.  Maybe you hate olive(s)!  That’s cool – know that without having to Google ‘do I like olive’.

You’ll develop your personal style over your life, the way you develop your palette.  Nothing is more hilarious than that face babies make when they taste something bitter, but those same tastes are wholly embraced by plenty of adults.  Similarly, even kids know what they like to wear (ask any parent of a three year old who threw a fit because they don’t want to wear *those* pants) but by the time you reach adulthood, you develop a slightly different aesthetic.  No judgment though.  Sparkly rainbow gumboots are good at any age, in my opinion.

We’re being sold the idea of a holistic understanding of our personal style, but that’s nonsense.  You don’t need to eat the same thing every day, and you don’t need to look the same way every day.  It’s easy enough to lose sight of what you like and dislike, thanks to the pressures at play in how we look and what’s on trend.  But I believe that we know what we like, deep down. Maybe personal style comes from being able to be honest about your own reaction.  Feel the feeling, and then discard the pants that are the equivalent of that gross soup your cousin made that one time, guilt free. 

Just like your personal palette is ‘I like things, so I eat them’, personal style is ‘I like things, so I wear them’.  It doesn’t need to be harder than that, so roll up to the buffet that is fashion safe in the knowledge there’s something there for you (and lots of new things to try).

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