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Well versed: Freya’s crush

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Confetti asked the writers of Capital‘s poetry column, Re-Verse, to share one of their own poems.

Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton autoplays while you are boning
By Freya Daly Sadgrove

     baby you take some liberties          look at you
emerging through elevator doors in a tuxedo
and striding into my hot yoga studio   in the middle of a class

     you are riding a near-empty train with a pot plant—
you are catching my eye from the other end of the carriage
and then catching my eye again
     I am riding in a hot air balloon—you are on the ground—
we are looking at each other through binoculars
     you are taking me to your high school reunion
having convinced me it’s fancy dress     and I have arrived covered in fake blood
     I have transformed into a smooth stone     you are painting a pink heart on me
with a yellow background     and presenting me to your mum on Mothers’ Day
     we are in an awesome movie     sighing in separate beds—
the images are overlaid so it looks like we’re in the same bed

     look I actually think you are so……… great—
it makes me wanna investigate your neck for signs of a full-head silicon mask ;
it makes me wanna cast your face in plaster and post it to the future ;
it makes me wanna boogie ! like a spooked horse

     okay baby okay   it’s true that I only ever tell the truth sideways
whereas the first thing you said the third time we met
was   you’re real          and it catapulted me back in time
to sixth-form English   final period on a Thursday—
the bell ringing and ringing—my face on the desk—
my heart suddenly unfamiliar—my brain snagged painfully on the future—
my body panicking     at the unthinkable thought
of having to wait ten years for you

Freya Daly Sadgrove
Insta & Twitter: @freyadalysad

Freya says, ‘I chose this poem for a couple of reasons. I like it because it’s one of my kindest poems – it can get a bit tiring being so angry at boys all the time, and this poem feels like a deep breath in contrast.

It also has one of my favourite lines I’ve written – “it makes me wanna boogie ! like a spooked horse” – and that feels particularly appropriate because I’m organising an event for National Poetry Day called Show Ponies, which features backup dancers for the extremely dope line-up of poets (you should come).’


Freya Daly Sadgrove is a writer and performer from Pōneke. Her poems have most recently appeared in Sick Leave, Strays by Foundlings Press, and Going Down Swinging. Her debut poetry collection, Head Girl, will be published in 2020. You can catch her live at SHOW PONIES: A National Poetry Day Extravaganza on National Poetry Day. Or find more of her work at

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