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In a caffeinated burst of generosity, L’affare are giving away coffee!

The team at L’affare believe fresh coffee is best. That’s why they love whole beans and freshly ground coffee. ‘However, we realise people get busy and so if you don’t have time to espresso or plunge, here’s our capsule. We reckon it’s the best second best to our fresh coffee.’

The insides of the coffee capsules are roasted, ground, and packed fresh in New Zealand. The outsides can be recycled via terracycle.

There are five delicious flavours to try:

Fiero: The all rounder
Caramel, dark chocolate and orange

Bacio: Fair Trade, bold and bright
Maple syrup, hazelnut and grapefruit

Libero: Fair Trade, 100% Colombian
Toasted oats, candied orange and malt

Avventura: Strong and smooth
Caramel, blackcurrant and toffee

Decaf: Sweet and rounded
Dark chocolate, molasses and a hint of spice

We have five sets of the full range of L’affare coffee capsules to give away.

Competition now closed – Congratulations to the winners!

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